The HYBRID POWER Box is truly the Super economical ESS. Intelligent, Powerful, durable and has the longest warranty in the game.

The HYBRID POWER Box is a high tech ESS (Energy Storage System) that uses both NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) as used by all the other Power wall distributers and we also have a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which although NMC is totally safe and adheres to all Australian standards, LiFePO4 has a higher safety rating and longer life than NMC. Both products are used globally and are more than sufficient for Australian conditions. Your HYBRID POWER consultant will advise of the differences and which is most applicable for your requirements. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the safest toughest and considered the most cost-effective type of battery. At HYBRID POWER we manufacture both NMC and LiFePO4 cells. These cells are the core of the HYBRID POWER Box and are a testament to HYBRID POWER cutting edge technology and commitment to supplying Australian households with nothing but the most reliable, safe and economical batteries available. All of our products adhere to all Australian (AS477), German (TUV) and European standards (CE).

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Our HYBRID POWER representatives will ascertain which unit is best for you.

Technology from the front line

Every household and business has its own particular needs. At HYBRID POWER we are committed to not only bringing technology from the frontline but also giving each home the flexibility to be truly modular. By Modular each home can spec their solution as required to this households own specific and unique requirements. We of course offer our flag ship 7.5 Kwh and 10 Kwh Batteries, but we can link (daisy chain) them together to expand as the solution may require.


At HYBRID POWER we offer both NMC and LiFePO4. We cater every budget, plan and necessary deployment.

HYBRID POWER for Business

Should you require a bespoke model for your business or group of apartments we can deliver a truly tailored solution for your business or project Just ask us for examples of cutting solutions deployed throughout Australia. 

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