Natural Gas Generators

At HYBRID POWER we offer a true solution “that is hybrid”. By using a stand by NGG as back up you can have “REAL” peace of mind when disconnecting from the grid.

Like the idea of being self sufficient?

By using Solar, Battery back-up and a Natural Gas Generator, you have now given yourself the ability to be totally and utterly free from the grid.

Did you know that you pay just to be connected to the grid?

Every household or dwelling in Australia, pays a rate, dependent on your retailer just to have the privilege to buy (the ever-increasing cost of) power. With HYBRID POWER, we can have you disconnected from the grid with peace of mind. That is a saving of at least $400 per home, per annum, just to not be connected to the grid. That doesn’t take into account that you will never pay for energy from the grid again.


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