An economical and revolutionary device…
At an unbelievable price!


The HYBRID POWER Box is truly the Super economical ESS. Intelligent, Powerful, durable and has the longest warranty in the game.

Modular Design

 At HYBRID POWER we are committed to not only bringing technology from the frontline but also giving each home the flexibility to be truly modular.

Australian Conditions

Both products are used globally and are more than sufficient for Australian conditions. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the safest toughest and considered the most cost-effective type of battery.

Committed to People,
Committed to the Future!

At HYBRID POWER, we know that the energy we use can be created at a household level. We have numerous technologies at our disposal by merging these technologies into one deliverable truly hybrid system we can create a sustainable renewable program that not only delivers reliability but also affordability.

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